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Why Wealth Bootcamp?

Entrepreneurs can be great at making money, but aren't necessarily great at holding on to it. They often fail to think about their personal wealth as something distinct from their company. Confusing one with the other leads many to take on additional risk without any prospect of additional upside.

When I moved to Silicon Valley, I was surprised to discover how frequently founders make mistakes in their personal finances. But can we blame them? Building a successful company is a 24/7 commitment requiring laser focus and careful management of resources that are in short supply. For foreign-born tech founders who have recently moved to the US, the challenges are greater still and the learning curve even steeper.

That's why it made sense to launch Wealth Bootcamp. If you're interested in not only building a successful company, but building your wealth, too, this is the podcast for you. Join our online community where entrepreneurs find solutions, learn from each other's mistakes, and get guidance from experts in their field.
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